The premise of our Ambassador program is pretty simple: we know that artists living in Memphis are already touring the country – sometimes the world – and sharing the Memphis music story.

So why not mobilize them as paid brand ambassadors?

Artists approved for the Ambassador grant will complete a tourism and storytelling training, where they’ll learn how to share their own Memphis story, and how to talk about the Bluff City — both as a great place to visit and a great place to live. We’ll help them create content to share, give them some postcards to put on their merch table at each show, and we’ll ask them to give us some feedback when they get home. Then, we’ll give them unrestricted cash (amount based on the number of dates they’re playing and the geographic reach).

Artists will be selected for the grant by the Music Export Memphis board based on quality of music, strength of social media engagement and tour schedule. There are no genre restrictions to receive the grant.